Contest: 'What's Your Everest?'

As a part of the multi-year expedition and outerwear/apparel-engineering feat that is Expedition Hanesbrands, the company is administering a sweepstakes called “What’s Your Everest?”. The contest, open to all, asks participants to submit a short video clip or essay detailing a personal challenge or goal that qualifies as a “Mount Everest” in your life. The prize is $10,000 to be applied toward your life goal.

Examples of “personal Everests” range from people training for their first marathon, striving to graduate from college, own a home, get in shape, quit smoking, or participate in athletic competitions as huge as the Ironman. View current entries here and then submit your own “What’s Your Everest” video short or essay to show the world and have a shot at the prize!

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Posted by Brienne Burd - 10/28/2009 04:11 PM

My Everest is to get enough volunteer hrs to qualify for the Peace Corps after graduating from the U of Hawaii in Dec.2009 . I am a full time student , part time waitress and finding free hrs to volunteer is difficult but I am perservering and expect to finish the race and meet the goal!

Posted by Editor - 10/30/2009 12:36 PM

Brienne — Very cool. You should enter the contest!

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