Electrolyte-infused Bikewear!

Electrolyte drinks are so last year. At least now that you can get the same effects from the apparel you wear while riding. Huh? Italian bike-clothing company Nalini has introduced its summer 2010 line, and with it comes a strange twist on cycling apparel. Items like the company’s Vite Bibshort are built from an “active treatment” fabric that is touted to be absorbed with electrolyte nutrients and vitamins. These electrolytes can be released into your body during exercise, the company claims.


Nalini Vite Bibshort

No more need for electrolyte supplements? The company says wearing its Protego Active-treated garments provides riders with “improved sport performance, as well as better comfort, muscle tonicity and a lower need to drink.”

The secret is a proprietary formula that uses nanotechnology to let particles pass into the skin. At present, according to fabric-maker GIANIS, the Protego Active material is used in sportswear only. But the company is studying products for the medical and drug industries. There is an explanation of the process here: http://www.gianis.it/eng/active.php

The “enhanced” apparel like the Nalini Vite Bibshort and Olivo Jersey go for $165 and $195 respectively. Like all cycling clothing, this gear has to be cleaned, and it’s in the washer water where some of the magic happens: Just add the company’s “recharge kit” at the beginning of a wash and new nutrients and vitamins will be added in, reactivating the garment as it is cleaned.

—Stephen Krcmar lives in Mammoth Lakes, Calif.

Posted by Kevin - 03/25/2010 10:33 AM

So, you know it’s not April Fools Day yet right?

Posted by tim moxey - 03/26/2010 10:22 AM

I’m not going to make any comment as to how dubious a claim this is…but here’s an idea:

NUUN is the best sports drink to help you manage hydration (and get your electrolytes) without all the sugars. And since NUUN doesn’t have any sugars…it’s not sticky. So to test the Nalini theory on your next ride just pour a bottle of NUUN over your standard bike jersey and if you notice a difference then maybe the Nalini has something in it?!

Then again.

Posted by gordon wright - 03/26/2010 01:38 PM

This had me in such a state of hysterics that I was inspired to write my own mock press release, The Onion-style. Can’t share it here though.

It is a parody, right? I laughed so hard it improved my core “muscle tonicity”

Posted by John - 03/26/2010 02:50 PM

I put the book ‘Born to Run’ under my pillow and when I got up the next day and went for my run it turned out to be my fastest ever. Tomorrow I’m going to take selected pages out of the book and put them in my running shorts and see if that makes me even faster.

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