Videos reveal Headlamps, Bike Lights used by Adventure Racing Team

Traveling through the wilderness at night is no easy task, especially in the sport of adventure racing where you need to navigate to specific checkpoints on a map. In these tutorial videos racers Jason Magness and Daniel Staudigel reveal the unique Fenix Lighting products and illumination techniques they use for hiking, biking, and navigating in the night.

Night Trekking

Night Biking

Camping and wilderness navigation

—Jason Magness and Daniel Staudigel are members of the YogaSlackers.

Posted by CONNIE - 11/30/2012 07:55 PM

What a great headlight for night fishing. It is great to see everything while fishing…bating, catching and eating while fishing at night.

Posted by Nathan Goff - 12/19/2012 05:49 PM

Thank You for talking about what lights you use while racing. I am have a hand full of races under my belt and I always try to see what type of equipment the top teams use. It is great to see that all the lights you use are affordable. (Of course I have a $200.00 head lamp.) I look at bike lights and most of the lights cost alot and the batteries won’t last all night. AA batteries power most of you lights. Extras are easy to bring. The flash light you use for the bike are you able to buy the mount or did you make it?

Can you do a post or video about food? 12hr is my longest and I will be doing the Full 18hr LBL that puts on in Febuary. Any help would be great and helpful.


Thank You agian site is the best and stacked full useful information and great products.

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