Norway Ski Trip -- Report #3

(This is the final post in a three-part report on my trip to Norway’s Romsdal Alps in early March.)

Day 3 and 4 on the Norway trip included ski touring to peaks like Smorbottentin and Kvitfjellet, the latter an amazing 1,381-meter mountain/plateau perched between a fjord and a massive inland lake. We skied about 10 kilometers that day, skinning up the mountain, trudging a couple KMs across the plateau, then dropping off a steep south face into the valley 800 vertical meters below. Here are some photos from the adventures. . .

Shannon Ryan, Didrick Ose and Tom Bie cresting the final ridge on Kvitfjellet.
Dan Nordstrom in perfect tele form on the descent from Kvitfjellet.
Norway-Skins off, Kvitfjellet -W.jpg
Skins off, ready to ski on the summit of Kvitfjellet.
Dropping into the 800 meter oblivion of Kvitfjellet’s south face.
Norway-Dan Nordstrom on top of Smorbottentin -W.jpg
Dan Nordstrom on top of Smorbottentin.
Unidentified tele skier carving long turns halfway down Smorbottentin.
Guide Didrick Ose of DID Adventure (Molde, Norway).
Norway-Martin Volken near the summit of Smorbottentin - W.jpg
Martin Volken near the summit of Smorbottentin.
Norway-Todd Walton-topofSmorbottentin - W.jpg
Todd Walton on top of Smorbottentin.

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