Kayaks, Waterfalls, Fjords: A Norway Pictorial

Think of any cliché of wilderness beauty and it’s nearly certain to fit in with the fjord region of Norway. Last month, after a week of kayaking, hiking and climbing in the country I was awed and honestly moved by the natural beauty of the place. Here’s a peek of what I saw along the way. —Sean McCoy

Norway Hike.jpg

Fjord hike

Norway kayaking in fjord.jpg

Kayaking into the fjords

Norway kayaking.jpg

Chilly wet-exit drill in icy fjord

The water of the fjord was surprisingly fresh for what is essentially an extension of the ocean. Our guides explained that due to the immense snowmelt the water of the fjords, especially near the surface, was nearly fresh. In a couple months, it would be closer in salinity to the open ocean.

Norway climbing.jpg

View from top of climb

Norway Rock Climbing.jpg

Via Ferrata climb near Tyssedal; full story on this adventure here

Norway Hiking.jpg

Start of 15-mile hike down the Aurlandsdalen Valley, known as the Grand Canyon of Norway

Norway Goat.jpg

Guides remove a fishing lure from a goat’s mouth (no idea how it got there!)

Norway Train.jpg

Flam Railway

Norway Waterfall.jpg

Close view of the falls

Norway Wooden Boat.jpg

Wooden boat and church, a classic Norway scene

—Words and photos by Sean McCoy.

Posted by Paddlingotaku - 07/06/2012 09:52 AM

Looks like fun. Northern Europe/Scandinavia is high on my list of paddling destinations.

Posted by Andy - 07/06/2012 11:51 AM

These are some great photos. This looks like a really fun trip. Thanks.

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