Photo Spread: Open Air Demo

Today at Jordanelle State Park outside of Salt Lake City the Outdoor Retailer trade show kicked off with the annual Open Air Demo. A mini trade fair in the outdoors, the Demo gives show attendees the chance to see gear and demo equipment in a more natural setting, including on hiking trails, paved paths for bikes, and in the water. Here are a few scenes and experiences at Jordanelle today that caught our eye. —Yoon Kim

OR show demo.jpg

demo day 2.jpg

demo day 12.jpg

demo day 14.jpg

demo day 9.jpg

demo day 11.jpg

demo day 10.jpg

demo day 8.jpg

demo day 7.jpg

demo day 3.jpg

demo day 13.jpg

—All photos by Yoon Kim.

Posted by David Yap - 08/04/2012 11:18 AM

Gosh, look at those gears.

Posted by @ginabegin - 09/02/2012 09:26 PM

So you are the ones who borrowed my glamping tent at the Outdoor Retailer demo day! The SLC guys told me someone wanted to take photos; now I know who it was. ;) (Hope you snagged some of the delicious goodies while you were in there; the catering was delicious! :)

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