OR Winter Market 2009 -- GJ Report #9

Products as seen by the Gear Junkie at Outdoor Retailer Winter Market, January 22 – 24, 2009. . .

S.O.L. Survival Water Bottle — Survive Outdoors Longer. That’s what Adventure Medical Kits is referring to with its S.O.L. line of products, including this new stainless steel water bottle. What makes it unique is a veritable fact sheet of information on how, when and where to find and drink water in a survival situation. Text printed on the 27 fluid oz. bottle includes important water facts and survival techniques like how to recognize signs of dehydration and how to find and purify water. According to the company, unlike all other bottles, this one could save your life — even when empty. Available in April for $19.99.

AMK bottle.jpg