Origo Rendezvous Peak

Being on a mountain with the Origo Rendezvous Peak strapped to your wrist is bound to give some peace of mind. The sports watch, designed for mountain-going athletes, has many of the same features on watches that cost twice the price.

Notably, the Rendezvous Peak has a barometer that tracks pressure from the last 30 hours outdoors to help it predict weather coming 12 hours in advance. It has a digital compass with a bearing lock and a thermometer.

Origo Rendezvous Peak watch.jpg

Origo Rendezvous Peak watch

The watch’s altimeter is touted to be accurate within one foot. It can track your altitude change for eight hours and then display a nifty graph that shows your progress.

For training, it has a 99-lap memory, a stop watch, and other standard features. It is water resistant to 165 feet.

The Rendezvous Peak watch is currently available for $180. www.origowatch.com

—Ryan Dionne