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'Toughest Climb Yet' - Christmas Lights Edition.
Cold hands? Press button, heat flows to fingertips...
Quotes found only on GJ: "This summer, a transcendent experience that changed my thinking on high-quality skivvies."
Found in a river in Russia... these Ice Circles are a natural geometric wonder.
Car alerts before driver hits cyclist. Coming in 2015?
Man straps helium balloons to lawn chair, goes for flight. What's the shotgun for!
Everyman's Helicopter: We get some backcountry hot-laps with a @SkidooMotors expert

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In print: cover of The Week features our #lumbersexual concept, quotes GJ editor inside.
Intense #Denver sunset tonight
Bluebird morning. Got your boards waxed up?
Good morning from #breckenridge #colorado
0 degrees and two feet of fresh snow. Time for some boot and glove testing!
#trdpro into the Mojave desert

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