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Kit converts off-shelf dirt bike to a beast made for snow.
GJ-sponsored 'Among The Wild' film screening in Minneapolis this week! Tickets/details:
Film screening, 'Among the Wild: Arrowhead 135' in #Minneapolis this week at Lagoon Cinema.
The Making Of: Louisville 'Mega Cavern' Underground Bike Park.
The Making Of: Louisville 'Mega Cavern' Underground Bike Park...
Now for real: 100 MPH E-Bike.
3D-printed bikes, soon coming to market.

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Putting the best of the North American-made best to the test: @porcelainrocket frame pack, carrying @Tarptent's new ProTrail, aboard a custom @atraincycles stainless steel bike.
Tough day at the office... Our guy @writeride is out in Cali putting a spread of North American-made gear through the paces.
Powder day! @crestedbutte
@jasonandchelsey were kind enough to help us test the functionality of some @patagonia bikinis while in the #oregon backcountry. They look pretty multi-functional to us! #ladieswhoshred #GearJunkie #dailydoseofstoke #regram 📷@jasonandchelsey
Front and rear specific #fatbike tires from @45nrth #flowbeist #dunderbeist #frostbike2015
Two gears in the front, two gears in the back. @salsacycles #blackbarow
Fat bike carbon leaf-spring fork #frostbike2015
The original O.G. Very early. #fatbike prototype #frostbike2015

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