Greatest Gear for 2014: 'Best in Show' Award Winners

High-Exertion Pack — “Strap on this pack. Now, take a deep breath.” Those were the words from a Montane rep showing off a unique hip-belt design on the Dragon 20 Pack. Made wider and without a buckle, the pack’s belt lets you breathe — even when cinched tight.

montane pack.jpg

The flexible belt straps on with Velcro. The pack, made for running and endurance athletics, is a simple, lightweight design. It attempts to carry a load by staying tight against the body with its belt and harness, all without compromising lungs working to get in the most possible air.

Special water bottles fit in the harness for hydration. Empty, the pack weighs just 13 ounces. Guaranteed to not weigh you down. $154.

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