iPad App: Outside Mag Buyer's Guide

Are you a gear junkie as well as an iPad addict? For all your gear-research needs, Outside Magazine this week unveils its “Outside Magazine Buyer’s Guide” app for the Apple iPad.

outside on ipad.jpg

The magazine’s app download is free in the iTunes App Store, and you can buy the full 2011 Spring/Summer Buyer’s Guide issue for $3.99. Cheaper than the paper version and with bonuses like full-screen product shots and pinch-and-zoom capabilities. Tap on!

—Stephen Regenold

Posted by Adrian Miller - 05/18/2011 08:03 PM

Stephen, the problem with this app and other magazine apps like it is it doesn’t allow print subscribers to take advantage of the online version. The app only provides access for various editions of the magazine for a fee.

Users of the app should have the ability to use their print subscription account info to gain access to the Buyers Guide and other editions.

Just my two cents.

Posted by Knut - 05/27/2011 08:02 AM

Agreed Adrian. Also you cannot lend out the magazine OR e-book to a friend when you’ve finished reading them. Does cut down on the clutter on the coffee table and in my carry on though.

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