Patagonia Race Map Preview

For all the maps geeks out there like me — or if you just want a peek at the navigational insanity that is the Wenger Patagonian Expedition Race — I offer these two big, beautiful satellite map samples. The first file below is an overview map from last year’s race. The second map is a close-up view. This is what Team Gear Junkie will be staring at throughout the depths of it this February. Gorgeous stuff!

Patagonia Race Map Overview.jpg

Wenger Patagonian Expedition Race 2009, overview course map

Patagonia Race Map Close-Up.jpg

Close-up map from the Wenger Patagonian Expedition Race 2009

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Posted by Tim - 12/23/2009 11:46 PM

1:200,000!!! So much for the standard issue 1:24,000 scale maps we are accustomed to in adventure racing here in the US! Any plans/ideas on how to be successful in adapting to the new scale and color/image scheme used on these maps?

Posted by Stephen Regenold - 12/26/2009 10:56 AM

Something like 1:24,000 scale isn’t available for this part of the world. The maps and navigation are a different animal on this race, from what I understand. Hope most of the nav decisions are macro ones (this valley or that one) instead of trying to find a spur or reentrant, etc. It should be interesting. . .

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