Ready to race

Despite living slightly more than a mile above sea level and spending (only) the last month training for the Teva Mountain Games, I’m slightly nervous for the 5K Mud “Fun” Run and the roughly 6-mile mountain bike race Saturday afternoon.

The mud run sounds silly and is meant to be fun, but everyone knows we’re at the games to compete. Besides, I need to run the 5K, clean up, jump on my bike and get ready to race again all within 75 minutes. Thank goodness for people who will be waiting at the finish line ready with my bike, bike shoes, helmet, Camelbak and another shot of energy gel to get me ready.

I haven’t competitively mountain biked in 5 years (and that was in the flat lands of Wisconsin), so starting the course above 8,000 feet elevation should be interesting.

— Ryan Dionne