Rooftop Tent Turns Car Into Ultimate Adventure Mobile

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Treeline Outdoors takes “car camping” to a whole new level – like, on top of your car.

The British Columbia-based brand’s Treeline Roof-Top Tent sits in a compartment on the roof of your car during travel. Arrive at your camping destination and simply pull down the tent’s aluminum ladder. Hinged walls spring up, a solid floor folds down and Boom! you are ready to climb up and into bed.

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Pull down the ladder, up pops the tent

There’s no need for sleeping pads. A cloth covered mattress made of a 2-inch thick foam lines the bottom. In the morning, you can leave your sleeping bags and other bedding inside (even the pillows) and the tent will compress them right on top of your car.

The company says the tent has room for two adults and one small child.

The Roof-Top tent is made of a poly/cotton blend material that is breathable and waterproof. It fits on any vehicle with a roof rack.

Treeline Roof-Top 1.jpg

The annex, or changing room, is available for purchase as an add-on

The tent costs a lofty $1,350, but if you are looking for an alternative to a tent trailer or RV, the price might be worth it. No more pitching a tent, just park at your favorite trailhead, unfold and climb up the ladder to a comfortable night’s sleep.

—Amy Oberbroeckling

Treeline Roof Top Tent 3.jpg

When folded, a travel cover provides waterproof protection for the tent

Posted by Joe - 10/24/2013 02:42 PM

Rooftop tents like that are quite common – Cascadia, Autohome, Tepui, etc. etc. For some reason, they’re not really marketed in the tent/outdoor/OR/GJ market. They seem to stick strictly to the RV/trailer/overland market.

Posted by Ben - 11/21/2013 01:08 AM

There are many brands out there now of rooftop tents and a huge variance in quality. Many identical ones are all made by one or a couple Chinese factories with different brand labels slapped on them. Don’t know if Treeline is one of them or not…

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