Carbon Bikes to Mechanical Bulls. We Visit 'Saddle Drive' Event in Utah

saddle drive.jpg

The bike world descended upon Snowbasin Resort in Utah this week for the annual Saddle Drive show, an event organized by Quality Bike Products to offer a peek at what’s soon coming to market.

We were onsite at the mountain, dirtying-up bikes and scoping out new wares. Here’s an inside look at some of the two-wheel innovation and accessories that will hit trails later this year and into 2014. —Amy Oberbroeckling

Steve Flagg Bull.jpg

Yes that is Quality Bike Products’ owner Steve Flagg taking a ride on a mechanical bull…

Surly Straggler Hurl.jpg

The new Straggler from Surly, a steel CX bike with disc brakes; photo by Tommy Everstone

Foundry Tomahawk.jpg

Scoop! Foundry Bikes let us take a spin on its Tomahawk, a prototype carbon 27.5”-wheel model that won’t be officially announced until September

Beargrease .jpg

Fat carbon… new Carbon Beargrease from Salsa was a standout at the show

Saddle Drive Day 1.jpg

Snowbasin was a perfect venue for testing bikes

Surly E.C.R..jpg

Surly’s new E.C.R. (Extreme Camping Rig) can take you just about anywhere; photo by Tommy Everstone

Surly Instigator Trail.jpg

Surly brings back its Instigator as an aggressive trail riding bike

All City Party.jpg

All City’s cross bike, the Macho Man Disc, was the center of attention at the brand’s party

Pocket puppy .jpg

A plush puppy tags along on a test ride; photo via The Urbane Cyclist

New Lazer .jpg

Ultramax helmet from Lazer will come with an integrated rear blinking light to help riders be seen at night

All City.jpg

Jeff Frane from All City takes a break after a long day

—Amy Oberbroeckling is an assistant editor.