Sender Films -- THE SHARP END

Sender Films’ latest — “The Sharp End” — is a vividly-filmed and heart-pounding hour of rock climbing, alpine and ice ascents, slack-lining and BASE jumping — plus a few creative amalgams of all the aforementioned gravity-based disciplines. Honestly, if you’re a climber or not, this film will thrill. Scenes range from free solos by Steph Davis (in Colorado and Utah), to Dean Potter high-lining hundreds of feet above the desert (with backup parachute), to an obscure knot-protected, chalkless sandstone spire climbing in the Czech Republic. Footage of wing-suit BASE jumping in Italy with Chris McNamara and a chest-mounted video camera is beyond stunning.

See the trailer here below, then order The Sharp End at Sender Films for $29.95.

Posted by sherri - 12/13/2008 07:56 AM

This film won an award at Banff Mt Film Fest and is currently on tour in a modified format with many other great films. Check out the Banff Mt film touring schedule to find a viewing location near you. I recently saw it and it is intense…in the good way!

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