Slope Style 2008

For a story in today’s Minneapolis Star Tribune, I polled industry buyers, ski magazine editors and professional snow-sliders to create a list of innovative skiing and snowboarding products for the ‘07-’08 season. Here’s a quick look at my top picks. . .

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1. Marker Duke bindings—a traditional alpine binding with a free-heel mode for touring.


2. CW-X Insulator Stabilyx tights—high-tech long johns with elasticized straps to support muscles
CW-X Insulator Stabilyx tights W.jpg

3. K2 HellBent skis—weird reverse-camber skis for deep powder
k2-hellbent-ski t.jpg

4. The North Face Unity Suit—one-piece ski suit
TNF M Unity Suit W.jpg

5. Volkl Tigershark skis—on/off-switch skis
Volkl Tigershark - Wt.jpg

6. Spyder d30 Racer gloves—gel-padded gloves with “Intelligent Molecules”
Spyder-Racer Glove Wt.jpg

7. Marker Attiva M2 helmet—high-end helmet designed by women for women
Marker M2 Attiva (Women\'s Helmet) W.jpg

8. Burton Vapor snowboard—light as air snowboard (6 pounds!)
Burton-Vapor-Snowboard W.jpg

9. Kombi I-Rip Glove—iPod-controlling gloves
Kombi-iRip(glove) Ww.jpg

10. SCARPA Hurricane boot—hybrid downhill/backcountry ski boot
SCARPA - Hurricane AT boot W.jpg

11. Bridgedale Precision Fit socks—made-for-skiing, “anatomically knitted” socks
BRIDGEDALE Precision Fit Socks (Womens) - W.jpg

12. Powderhorn Calamity Jacket—“Swiss quality and Wild West style”
Powderhorn W\'s Calamity Jacket W.jpg

13. The CamelBak Ruckus backpack—snowboard-ready pack w/hydration
CamelBak - Ruckus W.jpg

14. Zeal Optics Spherical PPX goggles—polarized and photochromatic eyewear for the slope
Zeal Optics -- Spherical PPX goggles W.jpg

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