Pictorial: 2012 Summer Teva Games

GearJunkie spent a long weekend in Vail, Colo., reporting on the 11th annual Summer Teva Mountain Games. We covered slacklining comps, ran a half-marathon up to 10,000 feet, watched freeride bike events in Vail Village, and much more over the past few days. We’re back home now, recovering from the fun and the competition in the mountains around Vail. Here are a few final images we captured from the event, one of our favorite excuses to get outdoors and live life to the max as a ceremonial kickoff each year to summer. —Sean McCoy

bike stunt.jpg

Backflip in freeride comp

dog jumping.jpg

Big air, dogstyle!

dog jumping into water.jpg


teva games kayaker.jpg

Classic Teva Games pose

teva games concert.jpg

Live music is requisite each night

kid mud race.jpg

Kid mud race

alex mason slackline.jpg

Slackline comp

teva games crowd.jpg

Crowds in Vail Village

dog with owner.jpg

Coach and athlete

small dog on leash.jpg

Not a competitor!

—All photos by Sean McCoy.


The author after the Teva Games’ half-marathon