Summit in Iceland!

It took more than 2,000 meters of climbing — and about 25 kilometers of mountain distance traveled — but on Saturday, May 30, I made it to the high point in Iceland. No, this was not Eyjafjallajokull, the disruptive ash-spewing volcano near the country’s southern coast. But Hvannadalshnúkur, the island’s high point at 6,922 feet, was an exciting endeavor in itself. A full report is coming soon. For now, here are a few images from the climb. —Stephen Regenold

Iceland Climb 7.jpg

Icelandic climber, hair wet from thick fog

Iceland Climb 6.jpg

Small crevasse on the climb

Iceland Climb 5a.jpg

Sun dog rainbow in the fog

Iceland Climb 8.jpg

Traffic jam of Icelandic climbers

Iceland Climb 4.jpg

Long snowfield climb

Iceland Climb 12.jpg

Ice-ax-induced puncture

Iceland Climb 3.jpg

Approaching the summit

Iceland Climb 2.jpg

Glenn on top

Iceland Climb.jpg

Gear Junkie on top, jumping for joy

Iceland Climb 9.jpg

Coming off the summit ridge

Iceland Climb 10.jpg

Hike down and back to the trailhead