Shock-Absorbing Ski Boots

Huckers and jibbers know that tingling feeling on the feet after a hard landing. Whether you’ve decked out or simply landed on hard-pack snow, Tecnica aims to reduce that below-the-knee pain with its new shock-absorbing inserts.

Incorporated into its high-end boot, the Agent 130, the company added removable shock-absorbing rubber to key areas — namely the calf, shin and foot bed. Plus, the boot has a lux fur-fleece lining.

Tecnica Agent 130.jpg

Tecnica Agent 130

Tecnica’s expert-oriented boot is stiff for precise control. But it uses soft, shock-absorbing rubber to dampen hard landings. Each rubber insert, which are incorporated into the lining of the boot and the insole, is adjustable and secures via a Velcro-type material.

Tecnica Agent 130 shock absorber.jpg

Shock absorbing shin insert

With its dampening technology, also available in less-stiff Tecnica boots, the Agent series could help keep you in the terrain park longer. But if you’re a Bigfoot, you’re out of luck. The company only makes the boots in half sizes up to men’s 11.5.

The Tecnica Agent 130 is currently available for $835.

—Ryan Dionne

Posted by Thinkerer - 10/15/2009 08:43 PM

I love $ki ¢hi¢!

After the ski shop tried to sell me $150 custom bedliners, I put in a pair of Spencos out of my running shoes — shock absorbant, warm and good arch support. $14.

No, I don’t work for the company. Use any brand you like and save hundreds on your boots.

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