The Gear Junkie vs. The World’s 2nd Fittest Man. . . the conclusion

It started with fun banter over dinner and turned into what some hoped would be a heated competition at the Teva Mountain Games in Vail. (See the original post here: But the Ultimate Mountain Challenge between Stephen Regenold and Roy Wallack ended with a whimper.

Gear Junkie Running Like a Fool.jpg

Regenold — aka “Gear Junkie” — running like a fool (in brown top, arms raised)

After the first event — a kayak race — Regenold led by just two minutes. He increased his lead over Wallack in the next three disciplines — a mountain bike race, a 10K mountain run, and a time trial on the road bike — to solidly defeat the challenger by more than 44 minutes.

Roy Wallack after MTB Race.jpg

Roy Wallack after the mountain bike race

Look for both athletes to return next year with hunger, vengeance and new challenges (pull-up competition, anyone?). Congrats to both Regenold and Wallack for participating in and finishing the Ultimate Mountain Challenge at the Teva Mountain Games.

—Pat Petschel