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Readers of this blog know my obsession with the sport of adventure racing. (See our web channel dedicated to one of the sport’s most epic events, or our large journalistic effort this week in my “Dysfunction and Dueling National Champs” article.) Today, on Outside magazine I dive deep into the sport again and highlight a stock of essential AR gear, my “top 10” list of products I will not race without. The list is below. But you need to check out the full story, “The Gear Junkie’s Top 10 Adventure Racing Essentials,” to get all the details on my top gear for the sport of AR. —Stephen Regenold

Top 10 Adventure Racing Essentials
1. Headwear: The Original Buff

2. Foot Lube: Hydropel Lubricant

3. Apparel: Merino Wool Clothing

4. Backpack: AS-1 Pack by Mike Kloser

5. Liquid Food: Boost and Ensure shakes

6. Watch: Suunto Vector HR

7. Footwear: Fell-Running Shoes (Inov-8 and La Sportiva)

8. Bike: Giant Anthem X1 mountain bike

9. Jacket: Rab Xenon puffy

10. Helmet: Kong Scarab

—Stephen Regenold is founder of GearJunkie.com and captain of Team GearJunkie/YogaSlackers. Follow the team as they race around the planet this year on our newly-launched team micro-site.

Posted by Jordan - 10/05/2011 03:19 PM

That jacket looks so warm.

Posted by t.c. worley - 10/05/2011 07:00 PM

That jacket is my favorite piece of gear right now. I’ve had it for 9 months and counted on it several times in pretty dire scenarios. I second the props to Rab on this one.

Posted by Mark Shipley - 10/10/2011 04:47 PM

I have now completed several rough off trail outings with the OutThere! AS-1 pack and its durability is second to none. The convenient access points that limit removal of the pack are extremely handy. I have no complaints about the pack and have made it my “go to” pack for technical off trail routes that require easy access to map, compass, gps, and snacks.

Posted by Peter Wentzel - 10/10/2011 05:22 PM

I would like to second the inclusion of the AS-1. It is truly built to handle the expedition races, with plenty of storage and the inclusion of convenient features such as side and top access to the main compartment, dedicated map storage, and double the readily accessible storage of any other pack I have tried. I can access 10 storage compartments without taking the pack off of my back. It was my choice for the 6 day Raid the North Extreme this past summer. The pack can also compress down for light hauls. I used it when I accompanied the GJ on the border route trail. GJ goes Fast and Light on the Border Route Trail

Posted by Travis Macy - 10/11/2011 07:17 PM

I have been extremely happy with the AS-1 for adventure racing, training, day hikes, and general travel. Anyone who has encountered Mike Kloser knows that he is a World Champion due to attention to detail and a meticulous, intense work ethic. The trend continues with his packs, which include all of the essentials for racing success. I am most impressed by the incredible range of pockets and easy access to anything that is anywhere in the pack. I also like the unique, thoughtful should strap retention system, which prevents the straps from loosening while the user is running, like most packs do. This is an excellent item for all-out racing, laid-back travel, and anything in between. With regards to foot lube, SportSlick is also an excellent option. The Chiru Sonic (www.chirubikes.com) has been an excellent adventure racing bicycle for me.

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