Volkl’s Tigershark

Volkl’s Tigershark ski line features a patented “Power Switch” technology that gives skiers an actual on/off switch to alter the power and flex in their skis. Two carbon-fiber rods encased in each ski compress and extend on springs, changing the nature of the ski to match mountain conditions. Turn the Tigershark on for an aggressive feel with a lot of power and rebound. Switch it to off for an easy cruise on a more forgiving ski.

Here’s how the Volkl press material puts it: “If the skier wants to ski hard, with a lot of power, getting the most rebound and energy from the ski, the switch should be on. Turn it off, and the skier can relax, take it easy, and just cruise.”

It comes with Volkl/Marker Motion iPT bindings.

There are four models: 12 Foot Power Switch (124-79-108mm); the 10 Foot Power Switch (121-73-105mm); and a non-Power Switch version of each.

Suggested retail price ranges from $1,450 down to $1,015.

Available: Now