Special Section: 'Weekday Warrior' Launch

Today, in partnership with Köppen, a new brand, we launch a special section, “Weekday Warrior,” which highlights outdoor-adventure activities you can do in your neighborhood and near home. Bike the long route to work. Run a 5K at lunch. Head into an urban woods after dark with headlamps for a night hike in search of glowing animal eyes. These are the type of activities that define a Weekday Warrior.

Check out the new section for a list of Weekday Warrior activities, including tips on organizing activities ranging from an ad hoc alleycat bike race to skateboarding with your dog! Night hikes, open water swimming, and urban bushwhacking are among the activities on our Weekday Warrior blog.

Bonus: Submit a photo of yourself with a caption participating in a unique weekday activity and if your photo is chosen we’ll ship you a piece of gear from Köppen, including jackets, hats, mid-layer fleece tops, and more. We will have dozens of winners, so sign up now and submit a photo for your chance to get some fresh Köppen gear!

Life can be an adventure every day! Go to the Köppen Weekday Warrior page to find out how. Get your flashlight batteries out and find a harness for your dog. You’re going to need ‘em here!

Posted by Shawn Jeppesen - 12/14/2011 11:42 AM

Love this idea. There are tons of things people can do in their own cities for adventure. Almost all these activities are easily accessible. It’s usually just difficult to find information showing these adventures exist close by. Twenty years ago I wouldn’t have believed that I could go ice climbing, mountain biking, do an orienteering course, race my bike across the city or other adventures right here in Minneapolis.

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