Weekday Warrior - Skateboarding with Dog

omni-jor copy.jpg

Mandatory gear: Skateboard; dog (large breed ); leash; canine harness; helmet; padding recommend (elbow, knee)

The gist: Kick and glide on your skateboard or longboard while occasionally grabbing a “boost” from a canine companion.

Find empty parking lot; suit up human (helmet, padding) and dog (harness, leash). Initiate motion by kicking off on board; whistle or command dog to run! Hold on tight — many large breeds will bound and run, and low-resistance skateboard wheels offer an easy pull. Work on voice commands for starting and stopping as well as quick exits off skateboard if you’re aimed at a curb. Kooky as it sounds, “dog-boarding” can be a safe thrill, and many dogs will love the chance to run “full speed ahead” with their human in tow!

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