Weekend Movie: ‘Petit Bus Rouge’

Get your tickets ready, the French flying circus is about to begin!

Part extreme adventure film, part surreal crazy antics, the Petit Bus Rouge by French filmmaker Sebastian Montaz-Rosset has highliners, clowns, musicians, acrobats, climbers — and all of it mixed together in a very weird way, with free-falling drum sets and climbing clowns the standard.

The trailer is free and intriguing. The full movie is available for $12 here.

“Hit the road and join our merry band traveling from Spain to Scotland, Brussels to BrĂ©vent, by air, land and sea… tumbling, flying, gliding and sliding, on a trip from the avant-garde to the extreme and all stops in between,” claims the movie description on Vimeo, where you can purchase the full 76-minute movie. “There’s never a dull moment on the Little Red Bus.”

—Sean McCoy