Women Slackliners In The Buff (To Raise Money For ‘All-Girls Fest’)

We wrote about the U.S. All Girls Slackline Festival earlier this year in our “Gaps, Highlines, Great Heights” post.

Well, the group has released a risqué calendar to raise money for its Oregon-based event.

Said one of the Festival founders (and GearJunkie contributor) Chelsey Magness: “The calendar started on a whim really — a group of slacker girls in a hot tub talking about how cool it would be to have nude photos showcasing the fun things we do, including slacklining, climbing, acroyoga, and biking.”

All profits from sales benefit the U.S. All Girls Slackline Festival, which is an annual event that has a goal to create an environment where women can “inspire, learn and challenge themselves in a supportive and encouraging atmosphere,” Magness said.

Highline send at this year’s U.S. All Girls Slackline Festival

Buy the calendar for $20 (plus $5 in shipping) at the Festival’s product page this week. —Stephen Regenold