Bike helmets, Pollution masks required for Yangtze River tour

San Francisco bag and bike apparel brand Mission Workshop outfitted a three-man crew to tour the Yangtze river delta on bikes this month. In an unlikely gear-testing journey, the urban-style riders — including John Watson of the blog Prolly Is Not Probably, who is a hired gun shooting photos and videos along the route — will bike a few hundred kilometers through the Chinese countryside. Their first stop was Taipei (video here), and next the group goes to Shanghai and then pedals into the countryside on the Mission Workshop-powered tour. Check the company’s blog for daily updates, and here below is a spread of images captured so far from the trip. —Stephen Regenold

chinese architecture.jpg

Architectural waypoints on Yangtze River tour

face masks biking in china.jpg

Air pollution is high

manky dock in china.jpg

Fishing dock along the route

Taipei girls.jpg

Welcome to a bike industry trade show in Taipei

track bike china.jpg

Track bike in Taipei

China cannel.jpg

City life

Bike Tour in China.jpg

Taipei view

chinese sign.jpg

Jazz hands?

bike backpack tour.jpg

Packed up, ready to ride

bike gear.jpg

Exploded view: John Watson’s gear for the trip (all goes in his pack)

bike in Taipei.jpg

Laps for a thrill

country road.jpg

Country lane

bike tour asia.jpg

On down the road…

—Photos by John Watson/Prolly Is Not Probably.