Zero MX Electric Motorcycle

As the latest addition to the electric-power Zero Motorcycle fleet, the MX is a model made for track riding and motocross. Like all Zero bikes, the MX eliminates the loud noise and carbon footprint associated with a traditional gas dirt bike. But its beefy new fork, shocks, wheels and tires can handle the big airs and bumps like any regular ‘cross ride. Skip the gas pump.

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You plug this bike into a wall outlet between rides. With its battery charged, the company cites up to two hours of ride time or 40 miles on the track or trail. The Zero MX Electric Motorcycle costs $8,250.

—Stephen Regenold

This product is a part of a series of “Green Gear” highlighted on Gear Junkie and an accompanying article on ESPN this week. See all the featured products below.

Posted by Pitster Pro - 04/28/2010 07:49 PM

The Zero MX takes our revolutionary electric motorcycle technology to the track. Incredibly tough and lightweight, the Zero MX uses our newly developed suspension system to absorb aggressive terrain and give you an edge.

Posted by Dave - 11/17/2010 02:12 AM

I was looking for something like this for my son. Any info on what the recharge time is, and overall performance compared to a regular dirt bike?

Saddle Bags Dave

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