Adventure Kid Club

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Do you worry that your kids spend too much time indoors or in front of the TV? Adventure Kid Club is a web site that sells a series of downloadable PDFs, each of which contains a collection of “fun, funny, gross, surprising, nasty and amazing nature tips” to get kids and their grown-ups out-of-doors together.

Kathy Fredriksson, founder of Adventure Kid Club, started the business with her two young sons and two nephews as an excuse to take a walk in the woods. It soon grew into a “club,” which grew into the web site that Fredriksson launched this month.

Adventure Kid Club adventures are brightly-colored, kid-illustrated, downloadable PDFs that lead kids and their parents through quick nature lessons on topics ranging from dandelions to “Under a Rock.”

Ever wonder why pill bugs roll up into a ball when you touch them? Or, how can a slug defend itself against a toad? These are a few of the questions you’ll answer for your kids as they poke under a rock, learning and listening to earn Adventure Kid Club points.

Download a free trial PDF by signing up here:

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