Adventure Racing Gear from Brooks Range

Adventure Racing Gear from Brooks Range

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With the popularity of adventure racing on the rise, outdoor companies are stepping up to provide convenience and safety items for racers. Brooks-Range offers several such items that each fit into a compact, water resistant carrier.

UTM Reader

The Adventure Racing UTM Reader is 4.25“x7” and includes the five UTM map scales most commonly used in adventure races. It is made of durable plastic, is accurate to 1/50th of an inch and costs $5.00.

The SOS/ Helicopter Landing Zone Card

SOS/Helicopter Landing Zone Card contains crucial information needed to “properly communicate with, and receive help from emergency teams”. It is currently on sale for $3.00.

The Emergency Lat/Long Ruler

Emergency Latitude/Longitude Ruler is useful in the wilderness because while most people use the UTM system, Search and Rescue (SAR) uses the lat/long system. It is made of disposable paper and sells for $5.00.

The Adventure Racing Kit

Each of these items can be bought individually, or as an adventure racing kit for $24.50.

—T.C. Worley