12-Part Video Series: AMGA Climbing Fundamentals

12-Part Video Series: AMGA Climbing Fundamentals

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The American Mountain Guides Association partnered with Outdoor Research to make some wonderfully informative videos about rock climbing fundamentals.

Most are just a couple minutes long and teach extremely useful skills for climbers. Feeling rusty? Take a half hour to review the fundamentals.

PART I: Belay From Above
NEXT VIDEO – Part 2 – Belaying A Leader
Quick links:

Part 3 – Rappelling: Throwing Ropes

Part 4 – Anchors: The Quad

Part 5 – Anchors: Replacing Old Webbing

Part 6 – Lowering From A Loaded Belay Plate

Part 7 – Belaying: Assist From Above

Part 8 – Clove Hitch: Handshake Method

Part 9 – Anchors: Three Piece

Part 10 – Anchors: Two Slings & Three Pieces

Part 11 – Rigging A Rappel

Part 12 – Cleaning Top Rope Anchors

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