American-Made Guillotine: Slice That Cigar in Style

Knife manufacturer Benchmade just announced three guillotine-style cigar cutters that are so beautiful even nonsmokers have to appreciate the design.

In the spirit of “damn, that’s a beautiful cutting implement,” I just have to write about something that I’d very rarely use: a cigar cutter.


I’m a distance runner, so I don’t smoke cigars — well, hardly ever. But on that very rare occasion that a friend passes me one at a wedding or other special event, I definitely appreciate it. And in a way, this made-in-America Benchmade cigar cutter is similarly rare and sublime as a once-a-year toke.

It also stands up to something like an Arturo Fuente on price. These range from $450 to a whopping $1,200 for the super-limited Gold Class Cigar Cutter, with Damasteel blade and spalted beech handle.

Benchmade Cigar Cutter

While Benchmade has made cigar cutters before, they are limited-edition products. Benchmade will only make these for one year, making them collectable products that will likely hold their value in the future.

The limited-edition Gold Class Cigar Cutter in Damasteel costs a whopping $1,200

You can pick up the $450 Gold Class Cigar Cutter in S90V steel online today. With steel hardened to 61 HRC, this thing will slice your stogie for years to come. For those looking for a Damasteel model, well, only 50 are available — and you have to find them at a dealer. But for the well-heeled, picky cigar aficionado, the search may just be worth it for the rare bit of bedazzlement.

Learn more about this bad boy at Benchmade.

Sean McCoy

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