10 best rock climbing shoes review

The 10 Best New Rock Climbing Shoes: Review

Butora Narsha Review: $180

Butora’s stiffest and most aggressive shoe, the Narsha is an upgrade to the Acro. Many other slippers only cater to one shape of foot, but the Narsha comes in both narrow and wide sizes.

2017 Rock Climbing Shoes Butora Narsha

The result is a slipper with a very snug fit great for overhung or short climbs. The sole of the Narsha is notably harder than the Acro and fairs well when placing a lot of weight on small foot chips.

The flashy toecap performs well on toe hooks, and provides a soft and sticky fabric in addition to standard climbing rubber. There’s a bit more feel on the rock when using the upper portion of your foot.

Butora and our editors noted these run small. Try them on in a store, or opt for a half size up.

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2017 Rock Climbing Shoes Butora Narsha

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