10 best rock climbing shoes review

The 10 Best New Rock Climbing Shoes: Review

Evolv Supra Review: $145

Like overhangs and steep technical face climbing? Evolv’s edge performance shoe, the Supra, comes with a slightly downturned toe and hard rubber, making it a good option for both climbing styles.

2017 Rock Climbing Shoes Evolv Supra

While not the most comfortable out of the box, the synthetic upper and “knuckle box” for the tops of your toes conform to your foot over time.

Three straps over the top help get your foot in and out of the shoe quickly, which I did, between climbs.

Because of the slight downturn, the shoe performed above standard neutral shoes for overhanging routes that required me to sneak my toes into near-horizontal footholds.

An important note: I climbed the hardest grade I’ve ever climbed in these shoes.

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2017 Rock Climbing Shoes Evolv Supra

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