10 best rock climbing shoes review

The 10 Best New Rock Climbing Shoes: Review

Evolv Agro Review: $165

Out-of-the-box comfort for a super-down-turned slipper… What? This was true for my foot when testing the Evolv Agro. And remarkably, performance is not compromised because the shoe is comfortable.

2017 Rock Climbing Shoes Review Evolv Agro

I tested the Agros on super steep overhanging routes in Wisconsin (you heard that right). The shoes twisted for drop knees, hooked well into ledges and pockets with the heel, and allowed me to place significant pressure on toe holds while horizontal.

The shoes were challenging to put on, as they are nearly entirely covered in rubber. Once on, however, it did have that familiar slipper feel, like every part of my foot was right where it was supposed to be and wouldn’t be moving anytime soon.

They have one adjustment strap to lock in your upper foot, and the foam conforms nicely, with no pressure points when fully strapped down.

One caveat, because of its aggressive build, I slightly tore the heel liner when pulling the shoe on. It hasn’t compromised performance, however.

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2017 Rock Climbing Shoes Review Evolv Agro

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