10 best rock climbing shoes review

The 10 Best New Rock Climbing Shoes: Review

Scarpa Chimera Coming Soon: $210

Editor’s note: We have yet to test these and will update as we do.

A beautiful handmade Italian rock shoe, the Scarpa Chimera is designed for steep, overhanging routes with plenty of heel and toe work. A synthetic upper and lacing configuration sits on top. The Chimera is available Fall 2017.

2017 Rock Climbing Shoes Review Scarpa Chimera

Nearly the entire toe box is covered in rubber — a rarity in lace-up shoes. Those familiar with Scarpa’s line should picture the Chimera as a cousin to the Drago, except the Chimera has laces.

Scarpa touts the use of active rands in its shoe design. The toe and upper have rubber pulled to specific tensions, then glued on, to help promote efficient energy transfer. The stretched rubber provides more elasticity and “bounce” than other shoes.

Editor’s note: We have yet to test these and will update as we do. The Chimeras will be available Fall 2017.

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