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Watch: Black Bear Chases Mountain Bikers Down Vancouver Trail

‘He’s running, he’s running, he’s running!’ Three Vancouver friends received the scare of a lifetime when a bear chased them for more than a kilometer down a technical biking trail.

Bears are scary wherever you spot them. And when a bear is chasing you, it’s especially rattling. That’s what three Vancouver friends experienced earlier this week when they were biking on a trail on Mount Seymour. “Go, [bleep], go!” yells one of the riders.

As they biked down the trail, one of the riders timed the bear from when they briefly stopped on a rock face and then started again: The bear was 7 seconds behind them, still chasing.

About halfway through the video, the friends stop biking, hold their bikes up to “get big,” and shout, trying to scare the bear away. “Oh, he’ll do some damage,” comments one of the riders.

British Columbia is home to more bears than any other province in Canada, with an estimated population of 15,000 grizzlies and 140,000 black bears. And northern Vancouver is apparently home to one that’s protective of its trail.

“The North Shore Mountain Biking Association is urging bikers to stay away from the west side of Mount Seymour after several bear sightings, one of which had a trio of cyclists pedaling for their lives,” CTV News reported.

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