Burton TRON Boot

You can hit the halfpipe this winter in rare retro-future style. The TRON: Legacy” snowboarding boot, a part of Burton’s new Raptor line, is touted to look like “something out of the future, but seen through the eyes of a snowboarder back in 1982.”

It’s an unusual day in time when Disney Consumer Products and Burton Snowboards team up. But the two companies did just that this month with the TRON boot, a collaboration timed to coincide with “TRON: Legacy,” a 3D movie that stars Jeff Bridges and Garrett Hedlund. It hits theaters on December 17, and Disney bills the recreation of the 1982 cult classic a “high-tech adventure set in a digital world that’s unlike anything ever captured on the big screen.”

Burton “TRON: Legacy” snowboarding boot

TRON-land sounds cooler than a halfpipe, for sure. But for mere present-day dwellers, the future boot can be had for $269.95. It includes a holographic treatment on the upper boot for a neat look. In addition to the TRON graphics, it is the lightest men’s boot Burton has ever made. Maybe the holograms add more than just aesthetic after all.

—Stephen Regenold