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Our team of fitness-junkies is busy testing the latest gear. From gym workouts to long-distance endurance events, we know a lot about working out and the gear that goes with it.

The Best CrossFit Shoes of 2021

Despite its intense reputation, CrossFit is a sport that’s accessible for people of all shapes, sizes, and skill levels, and that goes for the footwear, as well.

The Best Silicone Rings of 2021

Silicone rings keep fingers safe while climbing, working with machinery, or hitting the gym. Here’s our guide to the best silicone rings to suit every style and budget.

The Best Running Shoes for Women

Whether training for a marathon or logging a few easy miles in the neighborhood, we found the best running shoes for women in 2020.

The Best Running Shoes for Men

We’ve logged hundreds of miles in the latest shoes this spring to help you find the best running shoes. These kicks fit every style and budget.

The Best Treadmills of 2022

We tested the best treadmills of 2022 with options for every budget. Top picks include Nordic Track, Peloton, and more.

The Best Kettlebells of 2021

While not as well-known as dumbbells and barbells, kettlebell weights are one of the most versatile and (dare we say it) fun pieces of workout equipment you’ll find. Our CrossFit-loving expert found the best kettlebells of 2021.