From tire chains to winter boots, we’ve reviewed and tested the essential gear you need to survive winter.

The Best Snow Shovels of 2022

Winter is slowly descending across the country, and we’re bracing for colder temperatures and accumulating snowfall. Be prepared for the winter ahead with the best snow shovels of 2022.

The Best Snowshoes of 2022-2023

After hours of research and months of testing, we found the best snowshoes for every use and budget. And don’t miss our buyer’s guide with everything you need to get started.

The Best Winter Mittens of 2022-2023

When it’s too cold for gloves, a good pair of mittens is crucial to enjoying any winter activity. Check out our best winter mitt recommendations for 2022.

The Best Hand Warmers of 2022-2023

Autumn brings a familiar crisp to the air and a chill to our hands. Investing in the best hand warmers for the upcoming winter season will help you make the most of a day outdoors, no matter the conditions.

The Best Winter Gloves of 2022-2023

From lightweight liners to extra-warm winter gloves, we tested and found the best gloves to meet every budget, temperature, and winter sport. Check out top picks from Black Diamond, Hestra, Dakine, and more.

The Best Fleece Jackets of 2022-2023

Durable and timeless, fleece is an outdoor staple. Looking to upgrade your fleece game? We’ve got you covered with our list of the best fleece jackets in 2022.

The Best Down Jackets of 2022-2023

We found the best down jackets of 2022. From ultralight backpacking jackets to budget-friendly everyday puffy jackets, we’ve got you covered.

The Best Women’s Winter Jackets of 2022-2023

Whether you’re looking for the perfect coat to commute in a snow storm, an extremely durable layer for adventure, or a cozy jacket for apres, we’ve got you covered with our top cold-weather picks.