Winter Camping Pad

Looking to sleep in the snow this winter? This cushy, four-season camping pad from Pacific Outdoors performs no matter the temperature outside.

‘Best in Show’ awards (part II)

Part II of Gear Junkie’s “Best in Show” series highlights top products from the Outdoor Retailer trade show and includes touchscreen gloves, an alpine “smock”…

‘Best in Show’ awards (part I)

The twice-annual Outdoor Retailer trade show, held in Salt Lake City, is an exhibition of the best outdoors equipment in the world. Gear Junkie offers…

OR Trade Show: 2011 Teaser

The Gear Junkie crew is off to Utah this week and the twice-annual Outdoor Retailer trade show. Here’s a quick visual tour of a few…

Six Outdoor Essentials

Equipment can break. Your body can wear down. These six items have helped Gear Junkie endure and work through bad breaks, gear malfunctions and pain.

22-Gram Backpacking Knife

A freakishly light and affordable backpacking knife, the 22 GRAM from Baladeo aims to please even the staunchest go-light backpackers.

Bear Grylls Gear

We reviewed Gerber’s Bear Grylls Ultimate Knife last month. In February, the company will unveil a complete line of “Bear”-branded products. Gear Junkie offers a…

Ridge Rest ‘Solar’ Camp Pad

Bombproof and inexpensive — and with a new heat-reflecting aluminized surface! — Cascade Designs’ Ridge Rest Solar camp pad offers a smart sleep option any…

Blacksmith-Made Hatchet Test

Chop it! Gear Junkie tests a high-end Gränsfors Bruks hatchet, which was made in Sweden by a blacksmith, against a cheap axe produced for Coghlan’s.

11-inch Camp Knife

SOG’s evolution of the 1838 “Bowie”-style knife includes an integrated sharpener and a polymer handle over-molded with a rubber grip. Writer T.C. Worley gives the…

$150 Winter Sleeping Bag

It’s the time of year for. . . winter camping! A new bargain-priced, -20 sleeping bag from High Peak is put to the test in…

‘Top 10’ Gear of 2010

Drum roll. . . GearJunkie’s annual ‘Top 10’ Gear picks award the best of the best outdoors equipment after a year of use and abuse…

Giant Rubber Twist-Ties

GearTie LLC’s namesake product is an original American invention that twists, wraps, grips, and cinches onto bike frames, canoe paddles, skis, and sleeping bags rolled…

Long-Distance Radios

Not your grandfather’s walkie-talkies. Motorola cites 35 miles as the maximum communication range for its new handheld Talkabout radios.

Bear Grylls Knife

Bear Grylls, he of the broadcast television hit “Man vs. Wild,” has designed a knife for Gerber. The “Bear Grylls Ultimate Knife” comes to market…

Review: ULTRA Headlamp

Overkill for the average hiker, but an essential tool in certain high-stakes nighttime scenarios, Petzl’s ULTRA headlamp is in the running as the brightest on…

NEMO Polar Pod

Built with a unique “air-permeable reflective insulation” material, the $3,400 Isopod tent is Nemo’s design culmination from a multiyear experience working for NASA.

Wal-Mart Camping Gear

$19 dome tent, anyone? Josh Turner, a host on, took a trip with camping gear procured only at Wal-Mart. This is his review.

External-Frame Backpacks

Clunky remnants of another era? Not so claim several backpack manufacturers who have brought external-frame models back to the retail floor.

Origins of Swiss Army Knife

Swiss Army Knives are symbols of utility and smart design known the world over. Gear Junkie traveled to Switzerland this summer to investigate the history…

Fly Fishing Idaho’s Salmon River

Hemingway he ain’t. But writer Stephen Krcmar goes fly fishing for the first time and channels “Old Man and The Sea” while trying to pull…

‘Best in Show’ awards’s inaugural “Best in Show” awards highlight a dozen innovative new products seen at the Outdoor Retailer trade show this month.

Gear Made in the USA

The outdoors industry has no shortage of goods that come from overseas. But a surprising number of brands tout products originated in the USA. Gear…

Ultra-light Backpacking Tips

Gear Junkie offers a few bullet points from an ultra-light trip last summer in the Catskill Mountains of New York.

Coleman SkinSmart

Coleman launched a new line of DEET-free insect repellents. Our writer tested the “spray pen” dispenser product on mosquitos in Minnesota.

‘Weatherproof’ Socks

From Patagonia to winter bike commutes in Minneapolis, Gear Junkie reviewer T.C. Worley put Seirus’ “weatherproof” socks to the test.

Review: Yakima Skybox

Need more room for cargo? Yakima’s Skybox 18 is a quick way to increase your vehicle’s luggage space.

Monkey Bed ‘Blanket Bag’

Monkey Bed sells messenger-style bags with built-in blankets. Our writer gave it the full picnic and park test this month.

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