Bite-size Protein Balls

Bite-size Protein Balls

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Developed as post-race or post-workout recovery snacks, the Clif Shot Roks are malted-milk-ball-size protein bites with a hard outside shell and a chewy inside. Each bite-size ball has 2 grams of milk-based protein to help with muscle recovery after a workout.

Chocolate Clif Shot Roks

Each Rok bite — which come in chocolate, chocolate chip cookie dough, and peanut butter — have at least 21 grams of sodium, 27 calories and almost 4 grams of carbs per Rok, depending on the flavor.

They have a chewy inside and a tasteless shell that Clif claims won’t melt in the package or your hand.

Bite-size Clif Shot Roks

Clif recommends eating five to 10 Roks within two hours of finishing an activity. In my test, the chewy inside made the Roks hard to swallow without chasing them with something to drink. While I haven’t tried the peanut butter yet, I like the chocolate better than the overly-doughy cookie dough.

The Roks, which are starting to hit shelves now, come in a 10-pack for $2.99.

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