Climber makes couch out of old rope (and 9 other odd uses)

What do you do when your climbing rope reaches the end of its load-bearing lifetime? You can let it take up space in storage, recycle it, or. . . like these creative climbers below, turn it into something new. The Access Fund, a national advocacy group that preserves climbing environments, recently asked its members to submit photos of old ropes put to new use. These were a few of the results. —Amy Oberbroeckling

Handmade “rope couch” among the more creative submissions

View from the top of a handmade rope ladder

Dog leash

Lounge chairs made out of old ropes? Brilliant.

Old ropes make for a sturdy outdoor mat

This DIY rug is dog-approved!

Impress climber friends with a homemade wine holder

Frame your photo

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