Intro Columbia Lander

Frozen Filmers

Journey through the cold with four filmmakers who are no strangers to iced-over lenses and layers upon layers of clothing.

Winter Ultras: The ‘Chillest Humans’ Train and Race in the Coldest Weather

Winter ultrarunning combines the challenges of endurance racing with the season's weather and extreme cold. To win, or even finish, takes perseverance and a little chill.

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The Ice Queen: Sveta Vold and the Night Water Butterflies Are the ‘Chillest Humans’

When Sveta Vold first moved to America in 2011, no one here thought cutting a hole in a frozen lake, and swimming in it, was a sane idea.

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‘Chillest Humans’: Meet America’s Toughest Race Director

The limits of 'human potential' in the outdoors (be it physical, emotional, or mental) have always intrigued this Oregon-based adventurer.

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