Ode to Female Trail Runners: ‘Days Like These’

In this short film, three female trail runners rack up some miles on some Colorado trails to the beat of Maya Angelou’s ‘Phenomenal Woman’ poem.

In “Days Like These,” three runners rise above the fast-paced, competition-focused elements of running to bring our attention back to what matters most: the beauty of the trails.

Hillary Osborne, Becca Jay, and Marin Brownwell are runners, personal trainers, artists, and more. But in this short, they are, first and foremost, women who will not be knocked down.

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“I say it’s the fire in my eyes, the flash of my teeth, the swing in my waist, the joy in my feet,” lilts the Angelou poem in the background as the runners move uphill like ants toward a peak.

The words of Maya Angelou guide them through darkness and over mountaintops. They are strength, joy, fire. They are runners. And they are women.

“Days Like These” was directed by Isiah Jay and produced by The Adrenalin Project, a group of athletes focused on celebrating the mountains and activities they love. 

Mary Murphy

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