Photos: A Run Through the Old City of Edinburgh

Fog, narrow city streets, capital buildings, classic structures, castles… the RocknRoll Edinburgh Half Marathon served as a perfect excuse to run through the old city last month for Natalie Stangl — despite rain and big winds. “The weather conditions were not ideal,” said Stangl, who was onsite working with Wigwam Mills Inc.

She took a couple hours off to run and compete in the event, which drew about 5,000 runners. Cloudy skies and 40-50mph wind gusts with pelting rain set a “very Scottish” stage for the April 14th event.

Edinburgh streets

“The rain made it difficult to see, and the wind was blowing against me for the second half of the run,” Stangl said. “Hands down, this race was more difficult than a full marathon I completed a few years ago.”

Ready to run

Natalie Stangl after the race

Rainbow at the end

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