‘Electric Wave’ Pushes Surfing’s Aesthetic Possibilities

This half surf, half arthouse-cinema film is mesmerizing. Watch artificial wave riding like you’ve never seen before.

Seven-time World Surf League Champion Steph Gilmore, along with surfers Coco Ho and Leah Dawson, celebrates the progression of surfing. The film is highly artistic and super futuristic, with slow-motion rolling waves, light refraction, upside-down wave shots, and more.

This film is probably the closest thing to feeling like you’re in the ocean, riding on clouds. But cinematographers shot it 100 miles from the sea at Kelly Slater’s Surf Ranch.

“Electric Wave” was shot overnight, giving it a unique aesthetic. The film, produced this month by CONVICTS Media, features an original score from Malibu-bred composer Aska Matsumiya. The collaboration with Audi “pushes the boundaries of the sport’s aesthetic possibilities.”

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