Bike Pedal 2.0

Bike Pedal 2.0

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Ergon is a company known for its asymmetrical bike handle grips, which are sold as a more comfortable and ergonomic way to grip and control a bike. This spring, the company will release a product to cater to your body’s other main contact points with the bike. The Ergon PC2 pedals are platform-style pedals made for touring, commuting, and everyday riding. The company is pitching the PC2 as an update to a standard pedal design that’s seen little change in 100 years.

Ergon PC2 Pedal

I have not yet ridden on the PC2 pedals. But at a demo this fall I was shown the basics. The pedal is being sold as an ergonomic product that keeps the biomechanics of the user in mind. This translates to two main things: 1) The platform has a sandpaper-like surface and is slightly scooped out, allowing the foot to better grip and spin the pedal for enhanced efficiency; 2) A molded design with an inner-stop forces a foot on the PC2 to fall into a more optimal pedaling position on the platform.

Side view, PC2 Pedal

The company touts these upgrades as improving joint alignment while pedaling and correcting the angle of the leg and foot to increase efficiency, help with knee issues, or minimize hot spots and numbness in the feet. The PC2 pedals are a solid composite construction with big reflectors built in. Available this spring for $69.95.

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