Like the Cold? Book a Site at This ‘Glacier Camp’ in Antarctica

Like cold-weather camping and want to travel south? Check out this Antarctic camp.

Union Glacier is a field camp in West Antarctica. Amidst mountains and ice fields lie its runway, a few research facility buildings, and the camp. It’s pretty much a plot of tents set up in the snow.

The coolest thing about the Union Glacier Camp is that it’s also the only camp facility on the continent. It’s open November through January, mainly for cold-weather scientists and private winter expeditions. But Union Camp also has a few “guest tents” open for booking each year.

There are communal tents, medic tents, a massive storage area, and, of course, the guest tents, which the camp staff named after polar explorers. Everything in the camp is flown in and flown out (including waste).

This 5-minute video is a fun and brief intro to the camp, the surrounding area, and the cold.

U.K. filmmaker and traveler Temujin Doran produced this video.

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